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Paranormal evening with Seance, Paranormalist, psychic detective & investigator Dick Brookz, The Supernormalist.

Picked by the PA Dept. of Tourism as one of the "most haunted places in PA!" NOW taking group & individual reservations. Call for available dates! (570) 383-1821 or (570) 342 5555.

Favorite Haunted site of paranormal investigators.
Now booking dates in October through to Halloween.


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Not for the timid or weak of heart!

Haunted! is the world's longest running paranormal psychic & seance event.
A paranormalist guides you thru psychic & paranormal experiments leading to a dark seance!

There are many reviews on Trip Advisor about this event, and no bad ones.
"GREAT PSYCHIC HAUNTED SHOW @ THE HOUDINI MUSEUM - SCRANTON, PA" My husband and I had great time at the Haunted Psychic Show at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA. The show starts at 8 pm and ends around midnight. Makes a great Saturday night date! You can expect to be wowed....cool history, spooky haunted house where a murder and 2 other deaths occurred. ESP.... with the mind, and a in-the-dark seance... fabulous! GO!! You'll enjoy it for sure!

"Psychic Theater at the Houdini Museum was spellbinding" All I can say is if you have ever wanted to experience the paranormal, if your relatives ever described an experience, or if you just wanted to experience what is shown on the ghost investigator programs, this is the attraction for you. I was surprised my wife agreed to go to the event, as she is afraid of haunted rides at amusement parks and during Halloween haunted hayrides. The experience was terrifying. I got what I went there for and more. Would I go back again? Hell NO. That should say it all. The men in the room were more terrified than the women I think. The brochure states, "Not for the faint of heart. No pacemakers." Do not disregard those warnings. Expect to be out late, the seance did not get into the meat of the matter until eleven and went on past midnight. It was a stormy night, to add to the atmosphere.

It all happens in a 150 year old historic building. A 3 to 4 hour presentation of the tale of the hauntings of the 3 people who died in the very area the event takes place.Deaths by murder, suicide and electrocution!The event features paranormalist and mentalist Dick Brookz (http://MysteryEntertainer.com) and psychic investigator Dorothy Dietrich.

Dorothy greets the evenings participants at the door & explains what to expect. "Don't be alarmed...it's normal here if you feel something touch you or a cold chill goes through you." She introduces Dick Brookz who facilitates your venture into the unknown.

He moves the evening forward with displays of photos and newspaper articles of the tragic events.The story is based on real people and events including infamous spiritualist, George Valentine, "the man who challenged Houdini!" Parts were even reported in The New York Times.

Sitters participate during several eerie psychicexperiments up close and personal including mind control, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekineses, psychometry, sightless vision and Extra Sensory Perception in what constitutes the "7 steps to a seance" found in notes left in the building.

Then there is a short break with free snacks, free pizza, free soft drinks.

It all ends with a dark seance. The spirits of the three people who tragically died in the same room are summoned (to make their presence known). They're asked to come out & play (make themselves known) in the dark. Strange things occur in the dark. Lots of screaming, shrieks, laughing, giggling and gasps of fear come from the audience. Every evening is different. Some audience members can't make it to the end our of fright.

The audience is invited to participate throughout, including, of course, during the seance. Can YOU survive Haunted?

Searching for ghosts has become a national pastime, as well as on national TV with over 80 paranormal themed shows in recent years that include Medium, In Search Of..., Most Haunted, Dead Famous, Crossing Over, GhostHunters, Paranormal State, Exploring the Unknown, The Mentalist and others. This has served as the inspiration for this event.

This show is not recommended for the very young, weak of heart, people with pacemakers, and those that are afraid of the dark, or are easily frightened. If you die of fright during the performance they will pay for the funeral, and see their website PsychicTheater.com for their $10,000 ghost guarantee.

Special performances can be arranged for groups and fundraisers.

This presentation is available year round by reservation.

You've seen excerpts on "Exploring the Unknown," "Myths And Legends," "Dead Famous" and The Travel Channel, now it can be seen in person.

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Mind Mysteries & Beyond

A totally different and unique event. This 3 hour plus is usually done in the evening. ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. (570) 383-9297

Mentalism, mind reading, telekinesis, psychometry & sightless vision. Learn the story of the murder/suicide/electrocution. Attend a seance in the dark, which is part of this highly acclaimed 3 hour plus paranormal event! No pacemakers please. We dare you to stay to the end! We suggest you reserve several days or weeks in advance. $35.00. Often sold out - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! All sales are final. As with most reserved seating, reservations are not refundable. Once we fill our quota we turn others away. However we will make our best effort to seat you at another performance.

Also available any day of the year for GROUPS, FUNDRAISERS AND FIELD TRIPS of 13 or more.

For group or fundraiser information call (570) 383-9297.
Seen on "Exploring The Unknown!," Biography's "Dead Famous" and the Travel Channel.

Great for bus groups, fundraisers, corporate parties and the unafraid!

An experience you'll never forget! Not for the timid or weak at heart!

Attend a seance!

You've heard about our seances on TV, now you can be part of one!

Learn about George Valentine- "The man who challenged Houdini!"

An actual historic medium who manifested seances in Scranton, the Poconos & NE PA!

Is eyeless vision possible? Do the dead return? Did you ever have a premonition come true?


1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton, Pennsylvania PA 18508 (570) 342-5555

Latitude: 41.432156 Longitude: -75.663338

America's #1 seance event. In Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Pocono region Pennsylvania (PA).

A Great New Evening Psychic Show in Scranton! "HAUNTED!" See psychic paintings, learn of George Valentine, a spiritualist who challenged Houdini!


PSYCHIC THEATER PRODUCTIONS presents "HAUNTED!" NEW $10,000.00 GHOST GUARANTEE! You will hear, feel or see paranormal type happenings duriYour tickets will be free and you will be awarded $10,000.00 (See below for details.)

America's #1 Seance attraction. RARE - MEDIUM - WELL DONE

Photos and newspaper articles of the happenings will be on display. Much of this is based on real people and events including area spiritualist, George Valentine, "the man who challenged Houdini!" That part of this drama was even reported in The New York Times over a three week period. The show ends with a dark seance where the spirits of the protagonists are summoned.

National television shows such as Discovery Channel's "Exploring The Unknown," The Biography Channel, and the BBC's Dead Famous have visited the building at 1433 N. Main Avenue on several occasions to report on the strange happenings there.

Will the dead return? Find out.

Mostly evenings. Runs about 3 plus hours with a short intermission. When the spirits are strong it can last till almost MID-NIGHT. Free pizza, snacks and refreshments at intermission. Reserve early so we know how much to order in.

Admission $35.00 per person. Other dates will open as needed.

Additional shows added as needed. This has become a staple presentation and is considered the number one seance event in the country. Seating is limited. Reservations are required and must be purchased in advance. All sales are final. As with most reserved seating, reservations are not refundable. Once we fill our quota we turn others away. However we will make our best effort to seat you at another performance. See original oil paintings by famed surealist psychic painter Nino Pecoraro!


Orb or Orbs moving across in two pictures taken a few moments apart with the same camera at the same distance..

Orb or Orbs moving across in two pictures taken a few moments apart with the same camera at the same distance
In this second picture if one looks closely the orbs have moved and/or are different. Unexplained Orbs moving across in two pictures taken a few moments apart with the same camera at the same distance. This was noticed and sent in by two attendees at our Valentine's day presentation. Thank you Twig & Marie.

For a larger version of the above two pictures and other orbs click here.

Haunted Scranton Psychic GhostHaunted Scranton Psychic Ghost

Haunted Scranton Psychic Ghost

Our world famous Ghost Guarantee!


1) You will hear, feel or see many paranormal type happenings during "Haunted!" such as sounds, touches, ghosts, mind reading, sightless vision, mind control, or Poltergeist activity. (See our web site below for details, www.PsychicTheater.com)

2) We do not use stooges in the show. No audience member is a part of our staff. $10,000 will be awarded if you can prove differently

3) There are no extra hidden performers, or backstage personnel used to create the manifestations or paranormal happenings that may occur. The only two people doing the presentation are the two performers seen on stage. If you can prove differently you will be awarded the $10,000.00.

Each of the three guarantees listed above are independent of each other.

In order to protect our presentation all props used in attempting to duplicate our presentation will become property of Psychic Theater, even if the award is not granted.

Psychic Theater
1433 N. Main Ave., Scranton
(570) 383-9297
I-81exit 190 (Main Ave), Left 2 miles.
Latitude: 41.432156 Longitude: -75.663338

Photos are available for the press. For more information call Penny Wilkes at (570) 383-1821

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Story of Houdini returning in a seance from his wife.


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The following are links to simple pages that explain the various terms used in conjunction with events and happenings such as those that occur at 1433 N. Main Avenue, Scranton in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania PA. Also called the Poconos Mountains.

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Definition, meaning, test of clairvoyant, remote viewing

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Tourism Department Pursuits Magazine writes of our haunting in Pennsylvania PA

Main Page Psychic Theater Pennsylvania (PA) Definition, meaning, experiments, test of mind control

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Definition, meaning, techniques, test of mind reading

Definition, meaning, techniques, test of mindreader

Houdini Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania Department of Tourism most haunted house places in the world, in the US, USA, in America, in PA, in Pennsylvania

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Definition, meaning, test of paranormal

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Well known, famous, celebrity paranormalists

Well known, famous, celebrity paranormalist Dick Brookz

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